Matsuya, bringing you
Japanese culture since 1931

Asakusa is a hallmark tourist destination in Tokyo, a neighborhood rich in the flavors of traditional Japanese culture. Since the opening of Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa has grown livelier as a center of old culture and new culture mingled together. Matsuya Asakusa opened in the heart of this cultural hub in 1931.

A store loved by the local people of Asakusa, it carries a wide selection of articles from long-established Tokyo brands.
We look forward to introducing you to our rich inventory of traditional Japanese goods.

Business hours

  • Store Hours10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    Store hours may change without prior notice.

Credit Cards

At Matsuya Asakusa we accept the following credit cards.

  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • Union Pay

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Tax Refund Counter (1F)

1F Guide Map

Tax Refund

In Matsuya Asakusa: If the total value of purchases in one day exceeds 5,000 yen, excluding tax (or 5,000 yen to 500,000 yen for foods, cosmetics, etc., excluding tax), you can have your consumption tax refunded. For purchase of less than ¥5,000 per single item, if the total amount is between ¥5,000 and less than ¥500,000 (not including tax), then general goods and consumables can be totaled together and tax exemption performed in the same way as for consumable goods.

  • * We include a 1.5% duty-free handling charge on all of our duty-free products.
    Thank you for your understanding.

Available at the Tax Refund Counter on 1F.
Targets: Purchases by non-residents to be taken out of the country
Necessary items: (1) Passport, (2) Receipt for that day's purchases, (3) Credit card (if you used it for the purchase), (4) purchased items

  • * The same customer name must appear in all documents (passport, receipt, and ID).

Foreign Currency Exchange Machine (1F)

You can change eight foreign currencies into Japanese yen.
Handled currencies:(1) US dollar, (2) Euro, (3) Chinese yuan, (4) Korean won, (5) Singapore dollar, (6) Hong Kong dollar, (7) Taiwan dollar, (8) Thai baht

  • * You cannot change Japanese yen into foreign currencies
  • * You can only change foreign currency bills

YAMATO Transport Service Counter (Delivery Service)(1F)

Delivery Service

· To your Hotel

We will deliver the items you purchased in our store to your hotel on the same day.
Please ask a member of staff for details on which hotels can receive deliveries.

  • * pay service

· To the airport

We will deliver the items you purchased in our store to the Yamato Transport Company's service counter at Haneda Airport or Narita Airport.

  • * pay service


  • Address:1-4-1 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0033
  • Phone:03-3842-1111 (from within Japan)

Directions from the train station

1 minute on foot from Exit 7 of Asakusa Station,
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

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Direct connection to Asakusa Station, Tobu SKYTREE Line

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3 minutes on foot from Exit A5 of Asakusa Station,
Tokyo Metropolitan Subway Asakusa Line

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8 minutes on foot from Exit A1 of Asakusa Station,
Tsukuba Express Line

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